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Hebei Stephen Import And Export Trading Co.,Ltd

Address: B-1901 Zhongmei Business Building, No.2 Fangwen Road, Jianhua South Street, Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China 050024

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Shijiazhuang ION leather products Co., Ltd.:

Address: Niuxinzhuang leather industry zone, Wuji County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province


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Hebei Stephen Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive international trade and service company with the right of import and export operation and the integration of chemical industry, leather R&D, manufacturing, sales and outsourcing services. The company operates independently, devotes itself to international brands, and is a long-term strategic partner with reputable suppliers. Now it has become a first-class agent of many international brands in China, and has a hierarchical agent in China.


The company covers a wide range of business areas: the original leather business is mainly composed of North American salt wet leather, brine pickled leather, South American blue wet leather and leather embryo, and covers the import agent and sales of cattle hide, sheep hide, deerskin and fox hide; the Shijiazhuang Tianyu Leather Chemical Co., Ltd. under the company mainly sells the whole series of chemical products for leather processing. Including Brazilian SETA, Italian STEFANI, Spanish QUIMSER, Italian SYN-BIOS and other water front, retanning, dyeing, finishing, fur tanning series of special products; In addition, the company covers the business in Beijing for furniture, sanitary ware, ceramics, architectural decoration and other high-end home agent sales business.


Over the years, the company has established good trade relations with suppliers from Britain, France, Italy, Brazil, Australia and other countries and regions. Trade information can be consulted and communicated in a timely manner. For foreign import and export outsourcing services, the company can provide customers with import and export feasibility demonstration, profit analysis, environmental protection requirements, international trade rules and other related services on the premise of verifying industrial and commercial certification, product certification and field factory inspection. Through service innovation, to meet the needs of our customers.


After many explorations and practices, Hebei Stephen Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich practical experience in the fields of international marketing, enterprise strategic management, business negotiation, import and export business operation, and has trained a younger professional foreign trade group with "theory, experience, operation and innovation". Team. We firmly believe that progress is the only way. We will continue to move steadily and steadily on the parallel track of specialization and diversification, bringing better products and services to the consumers who need them most.


Excellent corporate culture

Stephen is a dynamic and pioneering group

Honest dedication is Stephen's character.

Quality service is Stephen's goal.

Honesty is the foundation and morality is the core of Stephen's business philosophy.

Bear pressure, stimulate potential and be enterprising.

Your satisfaction is Stephen's greatest wish.

Keeping your promise is Stephen's unchanging declaration!

Customer your smile is Stephen's eternal pursuit!

Mission of the company

Provide high-quality services, foreign trade, easy to implement.

More efficient, faster, cheaper,

Build a first-class international trade service platform.

Internationalization, specialization and standardization.

Corporate Idea

Be honest and attentive.

Service creates value.

Carefully build brand and maintain quality.

Strive for 100% customer satisfaction.


Guiding Ideas of Enterprises

Reject mistakes carefully and carefully, and steadily improve efficiency

All operations are performed according to the documentary process, not ignoring each inspection.

Don't make excuses for every mistake. Summarize the root of the mistake carefully, so as not to repeat the mistake.

Today's hard work is the ladder to higher achievement, and hard work will not regret it.

No one succeeds. Only by teamwork and cooperation can we create brilliance together.

Scientific and Technological Innovation of Enterprises

Act diligently and speak less; Practice more and complain less; It is never too old to learn.

Life is not easy and cherished. In other words, it's better to make our old business bigger and stronger.

Respect the results of each sample and register in detail. The "spare tire" will be changed soon.

Think carefully and experiment carefully, and your sample results will surely be rewarded by the leaders.

Without conservative technicians, speaking freely and expressing their opinions, we can promote each other.

Only by collecting excellent products from home and abroad, learning from them and developing innovation can we become a true master.


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